Being incorporated more than 6 years in the territory, Global Star is well established as a solution supplier of IT ( Information Technology ) to the customers in Asian region including Hong Kong, China and Taiwan. With Global Star's strengths and expertise in systems integration, solutions and services, Global Star delivers high quality, competitive business solution to the customers within the region

In response to today's rigorous changing business and technology environments, business entities are needed to review their operations continuously in order to achieve a better return on their technology investment. However, companies and organizations are usually having unclear directions in choosing what they needs in IT technologies.

Global Star has adopted a total solution approach to customers' IT needs. The goals of Global Star's approach are :

  • Provide a total IT solutions in ERP, CRM, IT System Security, Telecom Solutions, Business Operation System Solutions, Trading Solutions & Manufacturer Solutions.
  • To help customers develop a business framework that enables IT to be properly installed and coordinated across an organization.
  • To make customer's IT investment more responsive to changes in business practices, procedures and priorities.
  • To aid customers acquire overall direction to their IT investment.
Global Star also has a list of services to meet customers' IT needs. The goals of Global Star 's approach are :
  • Build up " OPEN SYSTEM "
  • Software services including solutions in design-develop-maintain and ready-made software supply
  • Hardware services including computer parts supply
  • Networking on LAN and WAN
  • Training services
  • System Maintenance
  • InterNet & IntraNet design and implementation