Product No. SKU Product Description Price HK$
1044CN 275A402 LIFEDRIVE, Intel Xscale 416MHz, 4GB, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, PALM OS, 320 x 480, MMC/SD/SDIO expansion slot, Chinese  3,890.00
1045CN-ESS 275A405 TUNGSTEN E2, Intel 200MHz, 32MB, Bluetooth, PALM OS, 320 x 320, MMC/SD/SDIO expansion slot, Chinese Essential Kit Bundle 1,680.00
1047CN 275A417 TUNGSTEN T/X, Intel Xscale 312MHz, 128MB, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, PALM OS, 320 x 480, MMC/SD/SDIO expansion slot, Chinese 2,480.00
1048ML 275A429 HANDHELD Z22,  Intel 200MHz, 32MB, Bluetooth, PALM OS, 160 x 160  888.00
Product No. SKU Product Description Price HK$
Cables/Travel Kits Cables/Travel Kits
P10890U Zire™ Charging and HotSync® Kit 188.00
3170WW 275A248 USB Desktop Cable 128.00
3171WW 275A249 USB Laptop Cable 128.00
3172WW 275A250 Travel Charger Kit 168.00
3173WWZ 275A445 Vehicle Power Charger 128.00
3231WW Travel Charger 168.00
Leather Cases
P10985U Slim Leather Case 128.00
3176WW Tungsten T5 Leather Case 148.00
3219WW LifeDrive Leather Case 218.00
3236WW Z22 Soft Case 90.00
3257WW Everyday Case 188.00
Hard Cases
P10942U 275A138 Tungsten E Hard Case 218.00
3175WW 275A245 Tungsten T5 Hard Case 218.00
3218WW LifeDrive Hard Case 288.00
3235WW Z22 Hard Case 128.00
3199WW 275A251 Tungsten T5 Cradle Kit 288.00
3169WW 275A247 Universal Wireless Keyboard 450.00
3208WW 275A458 Zire and Tungsten E Essential Kit 180.00
Screen Protectors 
3177WW 275A295 Screen Protectors Mutipack 90.00
3232WW 275A454 High End Screen Protector 70.00
Expansion Cards 
P10974U 128MB  Expansion Card  220.00
P10993U 256MB  Expansion Card  380.00
3174WW 512MB Expansion Card 580.00
3223WW 1GB Expansion Card 880.00
3234WW 2GB Expansion Card 1,600.00
P10952U WiFi Card 980.00
Content Cards 
P10905U PopCap Puzzle Pack 168.00
P10922U Britannica Concise Encyclopedia 230.00
P10933U Merriam-Webster 1000 Crossword
Puzzles & More
P10934U Atari Retro 230.00
P10935U Merriam-Webster's Collegiate Dictionary,
11th Edition and Franklin Thesaurus 
3178WW 275A262 Combo Stylus for Pen Multipack 90.00
3220WW LifeDrive Stylus with pen 128.00
3237WW Z22 Stylus 3 packs 48.00